Listening Live

In the past, to get connected to radio services and listen to your favourite stations, you need to be situated near the radio station’s location. It essentially means that you have to live within the city where the radio service is primarily based. Alternatively, you have to live quite near the city. This issue is due to the technology that powers radio services.

As a result, the farthest radio services can reach is the immediate places surrounding the radio station’s location. Some radio stations go as far as trying to expand their reach by situating their cities’ services apart from their location.

This system of doing things has a lot of downsides and challenges associated with it. It is very tedious to state the least. Apart from the tediousness, it consumed a lot of resources. For one, a considerable amount of funds has to be spent to make this happen.

Similarly, the amount of time, effort and human resources that go into this are also very substantial. Despite all of these, the results derived don’t always justify the number of resources that have been committed to the expansion. For instance, the rate of growth is prolonged and, above all, limited. The number of listeners that can access the radio service is significantly capped.

The ABS Radio channel is also faced with this challenge, and it essentially hampers our desire and goal to serve you with top-quality radio service. Our firm belief at ABS Radio remains that location should never be a barrier whatsoever to enjoying the best content on radio. Therefore, no matter where you are located in Australia and even in the world, you should have access to our programs.

However, the rise of the internet has fixed all of these. With the concept of live streaming, you can listen to and enjoy your radio services in real-time, and it is irrespective of whatever location or place in the world you might be based. So far, you have access to the internet; you can get to listen to your favourite programs on the ABS Radio FM channel.

There are so many benefits that this poses:

No More Locational Restrictions

We all love to be mobile and to move places, at least once in a while. It is a basic human tendency. For instance, we all want to embark on vacations to cool spots all over the world. We might desire to move to other places, either permanently or for a considerable amount of time. When this happens, it means we get to lose access to our favourite programs. But that will no longer be the case with live streaming.

Easy and Comfortable to Use

The live streaming platform comes with many features that make listening to the radio much more fun and easier. These are features that are traditionally not usually available.

Did you miss out on your favourite program? You can get to replay it.

Do you usually forget the schedule of your favourite programs? There is a reminder to update you constantly.

You can instruct Alexa or your Google Home to play ABS Radio for you.