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ABS Radio is a fast-growing radio service in the Gold Coast area. We have been recognised for featuring an array of quality programming, top-notch content and involvement in societal advancement.

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Our firm belief at ABS Radio remains that location should never be a barrier whatsoever to enjoying the best content on radio. Therefore, no matter where you are located in Australia and even in the world, you should have access to our programs. The live streaming platform comes with many features that make listening to the radio much more fun and easier. These are features that are traditionally not usually available.

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At ABS Radio, we value you. You are the centre of everything that we do, and we try to demonstrate this all the times. One way we serve you is by getting you to participate in our programs in Subtle ways—for instance, making requests for songs to be played on air.

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As a passionate fan of ABS Radio, you desire to know our program schedule. There is the likelihood that you might not be aware that we even have particular programs in our line-up for you. Thus, here we give a general overview of the programs that we air on ABS Radio. It can help you to anticipate your favourite programs and also introduce you to new ones. Here covered are general programs, which include the news to special programs which cover specific niches.


Our programs at ABS Radio are carefully designed to give listeners the best mix of entertainment and education. We aim to give our listeners an all-around radio experience, and we start with entertainment. We achieve this via several programs and initiatives, one of which is music.

Interviews and Talkbacks

Beyond the routines and programs at ABS Radio, we aim to thoroughly and adequately dive into issues. In the news and happenings around us, several cogent problems come up. Usually, the tradition is to report them to the public. We invite professionals at the top in their fields of expertise and careers to speak on compelling issues and matters during interviews. They get to share expert advice on the issues being discussed.


There is a lot of work we do at ABS Radio, and we need your support in various ways to enable us to do better at them. By far, one of the most important ways through which you can get to help and support what we do at ABS Radio is charity. We are committed to several charitable causes and programs and will be glad to receive whatever help or support you can extend to us.

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