Our Programs

Our programs at ABS Radio are carefully designed to give listeners the best mix of entertainment and education.

Relaxation and Entertainment

We aim to give our listeners an all-around radio experience, and we start with entertainment. We achieve this via several programs and initiatives, one of which is music. If you want the best music experience on the radio, then look no further than ABS Radio. We properly curate and air the best songs and sounds we can find around. These songs are played at specific periods and in between programs.

However, one notable thing about our musical programs is that they are sometimes genre-based. We have schedules for different forms of music, from rock to Gospel. We spice everything up with song requests from the audience, which has its schedule.

Furthermore, we have competitions such as singing tournaments. Then, there is a light-hearted commentary on various issues. With this, you can relax while also engaging your mind.

Education and Information

We believe that you can access top-quality content and information, which necessarily do not have to be extremely expensive. Thus, we have structured our programs to help us achieve just that. One way through which we aim to achieve this is via interviews and talkbacks.

There are so many issues going on in society, with a lot of them getting reported in the media, but there is not sufficient education that is done. What we always get is a not-so-detailed analysis of some of these topics.

We strongly believe that this is not good enough as it disenfranchises people from gaining access to top-notch information. It is firmly against our principles. Thus, we have designed these interviews and talkbacks to fill this gap.

Experts and practitioners in particular fields get to dive into topics and disseminate complex knowledge in basic form during interviews. However, these interviews can be impersonal, and we aim to add the human angle to them with talkbacks.

With talkbacks, experts are answering the questions feeder to them directly by the audience. The audience gets live answers to their inquiries in real-time. These interviews and talkbacks cover various areas.

For instance, there is a program dedicated to medical issues. A highly qualified medical practitioner is invited to analyse an underlying medical topic or problem thoroughly. The issues treated here are usually drawn from prevailing or trending issues and events.

Then, there is another program, a talkback dedicated to medical issues. During the medical talkback, the audience gets to feed questions to a doctor or other medical expert, and they get their questions answered in real-time. It is a piece of medical advice which they would have paid considerable amounts for, being offered completely free of charge. It also saves them quality time, effort and resources.

Also, there is a weekly interview session for law and legal matters. A legal practitioner is invited to discuss carefully chosen legal issues properly. In a similar vein, there is a separate talkback dedicated to legal issues. Here, the audience can interact with the legal expert and get their inquiries legal issues answered as much as possible, all without any charges. Alternatively, listeners would have spent quite considerable amounts of money on getting such legal advice.

There are also talkbacks on politics and issues surrounding governance.