Volunteer with Us

There is a lot of work we do at ABS Radio, and we need your support in various ways to enable us to do better at them. By far, one of the most important ways through which you can get to help and support what we do at ABS Radio is charity. We are committed to several charitable causes and programs and will be glad to receive whatever help or support you can extend to us.

We are passionate about solving the problems of our community, especially the immediate community. We engage in many projects aimed at alleviating the problems of people around us. We do this on many fronts, some of which are outlined below:

Activism and Advocacy

As a media organisation, we have discovered and come across some groups or segments of people who are not entirely catered for in certain respects in society. Some societies are underrepresented and have deep yearnings which are not being heard. Such groups of people include the aged and senior citizens in our communities, one amongst a wide array of other communities that we do advocacy for.

At ABS Radio, we have decided to be the avenue through which these people get their desires passed to the appropriate quarters. In our work, we ensure that the proper authorities know these sets of people and what they are demanding. We do not stop there, however. We take things further by ensuring that these authorities take the proper steps by closely following up.

In the larger community, we extend our advocacy and activism by calling the suitable quarters’ attention to prevailing and emerging issues that need to be fixed.

Actual Assistance

Apart from being the channels through which these groups get their voices heard, we also engage in much actual charitable work. We get to help in terms of materials and resources, and also with staffing and expertise.

What Your Support Will Help Us Achieve:

We do believe that the quantum of work that we are currently doing is not enough. We believe that we are not thorough in our approach to solving the problems of our communities. We do want to do more. However, we are hampered by the inadequacy of the resources. Thus, your support will help us achieve better.

Furthermore, just as there are groups in need in our communities, so are there many other communities. We desire to expand our sphere of activity to other communities where we may find such groups, and as a result, we get to reach more persons.

How can you support us?

There are many ways through which you can assist us to achieve our goals. We list a few:


One critical way to get to impact our work at ABS Radio is to donate your resources, whether financial or material. With these resources, we can expand the charitable services we offer and the people we reach.

Active Participation

Do you have some of the concerns that we do? Are you passionate about the problems that we are looking to solve? Then you can join us actively to help in achieving these goals.