Our Interviews

Beyond the routines and programs at ABS Radio, we aim to thoroughly and adequately dive into issues. In the news and happenings around us, several cogent problems come up. Usually, the tradition is to report them to the public.

However, these events and occurrences hold practical significance in the daily living of our listeners. Thus, it is believed that they should not just be passed over. They are to be treated in detail, after which our beloved listeners can draw actionable insights.

We invite professionals at the top in their fields of expertise and careers to speak on compelling issues and matters during interviews. They get to share expert advice on the issues being discussed.

However, interviews might not be enough to do justice to every issue. It is because a significant component may be missing, and that is the listener or audience participation. The listener forms the central point of attention of whatever we do at ABS Radio.

Thus, we desire that they be carried along in all of our programs and events. Talkbacks are a perfect avenue to make that happen. In Talkbacks, listeners get to engage guests and appropriately interact with them on whatever the topic of discussion is.

These sessions are usually much more thorough as the audience gets to ask real-life questions and make inquiries on issues affecting them. These questions and queries get answered by the expert guests which we invite.

There are many reasons for airing these programs, and we have listed a few.

Education and Information

There is so much talking going around. However, and sadly so, very little education is happening. Events happen around us quite regularly, but the best that happens is that they are reported. It is pretty rare to find these events been discussed in detail and the inherent themes and issues being highlighted.

On the other hand, in the places where these issues are discussed, it has been discovered that a lot of misinformation happens. It is mostly the case because such discussion only happens in informal settings where expert and informed advice is lacking. Thus, we have decided to bridge this gap by fielding top-quality professionals in a particular area of discussion and providing high-quality information.

In-depth Guide

Another aim for airing these programs is to ensure that our listeners understand and grasp issues in detail. We don’t want them to have a superficial knowledge of what is being discussed, especially if such an area will empower them. Instead, we ensure that a lot of in-depth analysis and guide is given as much as possible.

Public Interaction

Our dear listeners are the reason for airing these interviews and talkbacks, and in fact, all other programs at ABS Radio. Thus, as these discussions centre around them, they should also be actively involved in the discussions.

As a result, we have ensured that these programs are interactive. The audience gets to field real-life questions to the experts, and they bring solutions.

Do you want to have in-depth knowledge about medicine and your health, or the law and how well you can utilise it? Then tune in to our interviews and talkbacks.