Request for Program

At ABS Radio, we value you. You are the centre of everything that we do, and we try to demonstrate this all the times. One way we serve you is by getting you to participate in our programs in Subtle ways—for instance, making requests for songs to be played on air.

There are many reasons why you might want to do this.

When You Are Nostalgic

One of the things we generally indulge in is reminiscing the past. We try to remember and meditate on issues and happenings in our lives, especially those happy events that we have been through. According to research studies, this is a perfectly healthy thing to do. Having nostalgic feelings is good and has been known to be therapeutic.

There are different ways to evoke this nostalgic feeling, but music is one of the most effective tools. By playing the music of times past, we usually remember the happy moments surrounding that particular music. However, we may not want to keep this feeling to ourselves and desire to share it with others. We have provided a way for you to do that. You can request that any song of your choice be played on air. We have made this extremely easy as well, as you can simply fill an opt-in form on our website to register your song request.

When You Wish to Mark Important Occasions and Ceremonies

We all have important live events that happen to us and milestones that we achieve. This array of events can happen in whatever aspect of our lives, ranging from our career and work to business, finances and even relationship with others. We may get a promotion or pay raise at work; we may bag a necessary industry-recognised certification or qualification. We may land or deliver on a huge project. On the home front, any of our family members can be celebrating events or ceremonies. You may even be the one celebrating your birthday.

There is no better way to mark these than with quality music, and we can help you do this on a grand scale by enabling you to dedicate a song to that event. It equally works well for keeping memorials of past events.

When You Desire to Recognise Someone

We all have notable persons in our lives. These are the people that make us who we are; they are part of our identity. They may include family, friends and acquittances, classmates, colleagues at work, business partners and much more.

Once in a while, you may want to recognise them and the excellent work they do for you. While there are many ways to go about this, not all of these are impactful and significant. We do not have to spend our hard-earned funds on expensive items all the times. Most times, it is the little gestures that are recognised.

One of those little gestures is getting us to help you recognise them by dedicating a song to them live on the radio. It will have profound significance, especially if this happens on their special days, for instance, birthdays.

You don’t, however, have to go through a lot of effort to get this done. All you need to do is fill the form on our website.