Getting to Know Us

ABS Radio is a fast-growing radio service in the Gold Coast area. We have been recognised for featuring an array of quality programming, top-notch content and involvement in societal advancement.

Quality Programming

The core of our work at ABS Radio lies in quality programming. Our topmost conviction is that achieving top-notch radio service is possible, and we have committed resources, know-how and human resources towards achieving that.

A critical feature of the programs we offer at ABS Radio is that they are pretty comprehensive. The programs we offer aim to cater to the services that everyone looks forward to in quality radio. We have crafted these programs to feature an array of interests, all aimed at giving you a pretty satisfying experience every time you tune in.


One of the things we stand for at ABS Radio is accessibility. While we focus on developing high-quality programs for our listeners, we also strongly believe that these should be very much made available to everyone as much as possible.

The belief is that there is no utility to top-notch radio service if the people for which it is meant cannot have access to it. Or better still, only a few people can access it. However, technological limitations have made it quite tricky for seamless and widespread access to be the case.

Our passionate listeners may lose access to our services if they move out of our immediate location. It is not the ideal case for us, and it goes against our goal of making the best radio services available to our listeners.

Thus, we have invested a great deal in ensuring that our listeners and audience get to enjoy our services wherever they may be. With a high-grade live radio service, you can tune in from any part of the world.

Focus on the Listener

One unique factor that sets us apart from many others is that we have quite a ruthless focus on the listener. The listener or audience comes first in everything we do at ABS Radio. We aim to craft our activities, programs and non-radio ventures towards giving the listener the best. We seem to have done quite well in this regard. It is evident in the array of programs that we offer on air.

The regular programs such as news, music, reports, and more that we put on air are all inspired by our focus on the listener. We, however, have taken this even further in the special programs we air. These include interviews and talkbacks. In this case, crucial issues confronting the audience are critically discussed. In talkbacks, we adopt the interactive session model, where the audience can air their questions, inquiries, and even views.

Societal Advancement

As part of our goal of focusing on the listener, we have committed to bringing about societal advancement in various ways. To do this, we have got involved in several efforts and projects, especially those aimed at underrepresented and underserved groups in our society. Through advocacy and activism, we get authorities to embark on suitable projects.

Through assistance, we get involved indirectly in helping members of these groups.