Our Program Guide

As a passionate fan of ABS Radio, you desire to know our program schedule. There is the likelihood that you might not be aware that we even have particular programs in our line-up for you.

Thus, here we give a general overview of the programs that we air on ABS Radio. It can help you to anticipate your favourite programs and also introduce you to new ones. Here covered are general programs, which include the news to special programs which cover specific niches.

National News

As savvy personalities and responsible citizens, we want to know what is happening around the nation at all times so that we can stay updated. To do this, we most times have to make a conscious effort to go after the news. Usually, these sets of information are not easy to come by. When you do come by them, they may most likely be fragmented and scattered, causing you to visit multiple places before you can get a grasp on events nationwide. Finally, they may not be concise and may contain unnecessary details that you don’t need.

We have noted all of these and solved all your concerns in our national news. Here, we present the most important facts and events that you should know and be aware of at every particular moment. We leave out unimportant details and only let you have the main points. You can listen to the national news and get important updates without referring to any other sources. However, that is not all. We do know that you want to receive these updates in real-time. We have made that happen by scheduling the national news at hourly intervals. Thus, at every hourly mark, you can tune in and get the most critical updates. The information contains everything from politics to business, entertainment, sports and more.

Local News

Apart from general national news, we still desire to be aware of our immediate locality’s ongoing. This feeling is because, more than anything, we are much more affected by what happens in our surroundings. Local news, especially from credible sources, may be harder to find. But we have got you covered in this regard. We provide qualitative information covering our locality, which includes the state and the immediate city. What’s more, you get these updates in real-time as the local news airs every half-hour.


There are several important aspects of life that the news can adequately cover. These issues, because of their level of Importance or popularity, have to be given proper attention. Thus, we have outlined programs to make this happen. From finance to politics and boating, some reports discuss emerging and crucial issues in these areas of life. There are programs on medicine and health and an understanding of the law and how to use it to empower ourselves.


Music is a favourite of so many people, and we aim to provide you with the best of it. We air top-quality music, either on schedule or in-between programs. We also have specific times when we play particular niches of music. Do you love smooth jazz? We have it scheduled.